My Newest Addition

My sweet Maxwell.

It’s funny to think that baby Maxwell has already been with us for two months! I can barely remember life without him (a little wistfully, having two kids is much tougher than one!). Ah, those were the days, when you only had one little life to worry about…

Despite what I just wrote, I kinda still wanna have one more. A glutton for punishment eh?

Pregnancy with Maxwell was very different than with Melanie. First there was the whole previous preterm labor business with Melanie, which meant this time around I had to do progesterone shots in an effort to keep the pregnancy to full term. The Makena shots were weekly, to the butt, and burned like fire… but it’s worth it to keep the bun in the oven. Still, I was so glad when my last shot came.

My last injection. Kinda bittersweet.

Then there was the gestational diabetes. I hadn’t had that with Melanie so it was a surprise this time around. Let me tell you living with diabetes, even temporarily, is very tough. I was super strict with myself in terms of carb intake and the only reason I could do it was because I knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel. After baby was born I could return to my carb devouring ways. But until then I tested my sugar four times a day, controlled my meals, and took medication twice daily. Diabetics really have it tough; it’s a whole lifestyle change in order to keep it under control.

Finally there was the labor itself. Melanie’s of course was unplanned but Max’s was a scheduled induction. So at 7 am on December 8th, we checked into the hospital and at 9:51 pm baby Maxwell arrived! And gosh this time around I felt the labor was easier! First of all, I got my epidural early on so I didn’t even feel much in terms of contraction until much much later when it was time to push. And at that point when I could feel that pain and pressure, it was literally 2-3 big pushes and he was out! There was skin to skin, there was even some initial breastfeeding! It was amazing.

Fresh baby, not so fresh mama.

The weeks after that passed by in a blur. What? He’s one month?

Some bunny is 1 month! And it’s not the bunny.

He’s already celebrated his first Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day… had his first cute smile… and he’s in the midst of his first sickness ugh. So many milestones, good and bad (mostly good though). Melanie has adapted pretty positively to her new brother, although you can bet there’s times she wants mom or grandma to put down the baby and play with her already! But overall she’s just as charmed with Max as we are.

Happy 2 months to my baby boy and here’s to many more smiles and cuddles, once this awful illness is over!


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