Sleeping like a baby

Whoever came up with that phrase has obviously never had a newborn! My little Mel will emit a whole symphony of grunts, groans and wails while sleeping, sometimes leading up to her waking up for a feeding. Other times she will groan a bit, wiggle around and let out a wicked loud fart! Ahh…. You know it’s love when even their stinky flatulence seems adorable to you. 

Not only is baby sleep noisy, it is also sadly quite brief. Usually just a few hours at most, and that can get extremely tiring for a new mom or dad. Last night we had a minor miracle when I put her down at midnight and she didn’t wake up again until 8:45!!!! Praise the sleep gods above! Still, these things tend to be flukes…. But I hope this is an ongoing trend to longer sleep!

We have been trying to feed her a nice big amount right before bedtime in hopes that it will keep her satisfied longer and have her wake up after 4-5 hours. But I’ll take a nice long 8 hour stretch if I can! Definitely helps on those days when you have to work!


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