Galloping into the New Year

Happy Lunar New Year!


This past Friday was Lunar New Year and a huge family holiday for Asian families all over the world. Luckily we had the weekend off so we were able to come home and celebrate it with family and friends, and lots of delicious food! And we can’t forget the lucky money too!

Gold wrapped candies are popular for representing wealth and prosperity for the new year. I love me some ferrero rocher so I definitely don’t mind! Also popular are mandarin oranges (homonym for gold!).

Lucky money from my grandmother. Here it’s written with our family name, Lee.

Here’s the Lion Dance parading around Flushing. The lions dance to businesses to get receive blessings and lucky money. Not a bad deal!

Delicious soup buns, filled with tender meat and piping hot soup. So good on a cold winter day!

Another lion dancing crew. Check the little kid inside the lion!

IMG_6391Crispy chicken! Gotta love all the food we get when we come back into the city!


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