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Running into the Great (Fire)Wall of China

Many people who are vaguely familiar with Chinese politics realize that China is not a country known for its free speech and human rights. In fact, China actively suppresses any dissent and attempts to prevent dissemination of bad news, corruption, scandal etc thorough their government-run news stations (yeah no conflict of interest there…).

So it comes as no surprise that China would ban websites with the potential to foster activist movements and revolutionary thoughts. Hence the banning of Facebook and Twitter, although they do have Chinese versions of both which are government monitored. I guess I should have known that a blogging site like WordPress would be banned as well! So frustrating and led me to put this mini rant up!

A nice long list of popular sites blocked in China. Interesting thing right now is that Instagram still works but when posted to Facebook obviously you can’t check up on it. And it seems the WordPress app works even if the website doesn’t so nyah nyah China! Take that!


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