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365 Challenge – Week 6

Winter is kind of depressing! There, I said it! The bare trees, the snow-covered roads, having to clean 4 inches of snow off your car after a long day at work, it kind of soul-sucking. Right now my mental state is being sustained by the knowledge that come March, it’ll be a busy month of full of travel and fun times (and the not-so-fun times of travel, but I’ll take that too!). First we have a weekend conference in Los Angeles, then 2 weeks in China, then another weekend trip to Washington DC for the cherry blossoms! So just gotta make it for a few more weeks!

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Week 6

2/3 – When I get a chance I do like to try out new recipes, especially when trying to replicate favorite dishes I’ve had before. Here is our attempt at Singapore Mei Fun, a Chinese takeout standby for us. There’s a lot of prep work but it’s definitely worth it! Still, it’s a lot easier to get it take-out haha!

2/4 – Some light bedtime reading…

2/5- More guacamole after work. It’s seriously an addiction.

2/6 – Nowadays, it’s truly exciting to get personal mail that aren’t bills or solicitations or catalogs! It’s so rare! Now I get to return the favor =)

2/7 – Hubby and I had a rare day off together so we cooked something unhealthy for brunch. So hello to fried potatoes with peppers, onions and corn. Tasty!

2/8 – My new glasses came! 45 bucks on Coastal.com with their firstpairfree code. I’ve been testing them out and I’m not sure if I want to keep them… the wide earpieces make me feel like I’m wearing blinders, especially when I’m driving.

2/9 – Why does it always snow hard when we have to work? Why? Excuse the blurriness… I took this through our window. I’m so ready for it to be over!

Literary Quote:

Sarah recognised the first card she had typewritten that afternoon. There was still the rayed splotch in the upper right-hand corner where a tear had fallen. But over the spot where one should have read the  name of the meadow plant, the clinging memory of their golden blossoms had allowed her fingers to strike strange keys.
Between the red cabbage and the stuffed green peppers was the item:
– Springtime a la Carte, O. Henry

Once again an O. Henry quote – this is from a simple and sweet short story of his. Those little trademark plot twists of his are just so classic!

Song of the Week:

Ah Kpop… my most recent obsession. This is an older song of T-ara (pronounced Tiara, got that!) but one of my favorite ones. I’m not a big fan of the “let’s make her sexier to attract a guy” video, nor the weird black/rainbow dresses but the song is good. Enjoy, with English subtitles!


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