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365 Challenge – Week 4

Coming back from a weekend trip is always depressing – especially when you come back to a long work week! Both my husband I had a pretty rough week – therefore the descent into takeout Chinese on Saturday. We bought enough to last us a few days since we knew we wouldn’t have time to cook. On the plus side, we did also book our tickets to China and a few days for hotel in Shanghai! And I also booked tickets to go to Washington DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival. So good times do lie ahead!

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Week 4

1/20 – Sunday, time to fly back from NYC but not before getting some coffee to go!

1/21 – Nothing better than seeing your man in the kitchen, and wearing a cute apron to boot!

1/22- We went to go see houses and got to meet a few curious kitties!

1/23- I lost my lens cap in NYC over the weekend for my “nifty fifty” lens =( However, I bought a new one on Amazon that day and with Prime shipping it came in on Wednesday!

1/24- Two of my good friends visited Prague (I had to work that weekend, so sad!) and sent me a lovely postcard! It doesn’t make up for the fact that I wasn’t there but it definitely helps!

1/25- Got a new 2013 calendar for 3.99! The best sales for calendars are after the year actually starts… and they get even cheaper as the year goes on. Not surprising since these are very time limited items!

1/26- After work we were both exhausted so Chinese takeout it is! We stocked up so we would have enough for work the next few days without cooking. One of the fortune cookies had some fitting language lessons for the season…

Literary Quote:

“Not bad, not bad at all,” pronounced La Trianon to La Dodeè, as I stood before the rectangular glass in the tapestry-hung bedroom. The mirror was set in a frame like a picture. I emerged from the chiaroscuro like an ancient portrait. I was dressed in rich black, with velvet trim, all embroidered with black silk thread and jet beads, like a nobleman’s widow of times gone by. Beneath the little starched ruff that covered my neck, a heavy silver crucifix – on loan only until I could afford to procure my own – shone against the black. My hair had been done in the style of an old portrait of Marie de Medici. I had thrown back the translucent black veil attached to the tiny black beaded cap the better to see my face. All pale and strained with the pain of the heavy corset beneath the gown, it floated above the anqitue lace like an eerie, disembodied mask in the dark. It was an alien face, one that I hardly recognized beneath the white powder and high, artificially arched eyebrows: the look of extreme age hidden in the mask of youth. Beautiful, in its own way, and entirely unexpected. My back, still shrunken against the long iron rods that barely held it upright, looked somehow shriveled with age. A tall ebony walking stick, nearly my own height, trimmed with a ring of silver and a bunch of black ribbons, finished off the picture as well as preserving my balance and disguising the last of my limp. I looked exactly as if I had stepped from a previous century, an ancient woman preserved by hideous secret arts that had given her the semblance of eternal youth. I was totally enchanted with the dramatic effect. A woman of mystery. A new person.
The Oracle Glass, Judith Merkle Riley

A book that I never tire of reading over and over. I suppose you could categorize this one as historical fiction with romance mixed in – the detail about the historical characters and the time period is fascinating and puts some personality to historical figures you might have known about but never thought of as real people. It’s the story of a young girl who is born deformed, raped and presumed dead by her messed up family – but thanks to her special gift of reading the future in the oracle glass she rises up and becomes successful and also finds love – but not after much family and political drama.

Song of the Week:

This song takes me back to my childhood, when I would pop in her album (in tape form) for Tails: Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories and just listen to it while lying on my back on the floor, staring at the ceiling. This was how I wasted time as a kid, now I go on slickdeals!


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