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365 Challenge – Week 2

The 2nd week of January starts off with the ending of my trip to Vermont with my girlfriends, sad! And after that days of work, spidery mayhem, and house-hunting shenanigans!

Week 2

1/6 – The last day of our Vermont trip always ends with brunch at Sugar and Spice, a cozy local restaurant with a charming wooden interior and a two level gift-shop full of Vermont-themed goodies. Here we have the deliciously decadent hot chocolate, which they present as a teacup piled high with whipped cream and drizzled with hot chocolate – and the rich hot chocolate is steaming in its own teapot, for you to add as you desire!

1/7 – Came home from work to find my husband squealing over a spider. Oh men! After he swatted it the body mysteriously disappeared…

1/8 – Got the chance to test out my brand new immersion blender, courtesy of my sweet Secret Santa 🙂 First recipe is tomato basil soup – so delicious! Must… repeat…

1/9 – Got this in the mail and it made me happy! Another one of my good friends is getting married and I couldn’t be more thrilled, since I will also be a bridesmaid as well!

1/10 – We went to look for houses with  our realtor today and this guy was in one of them! I love cats but I am pretty allergic. I couldn’t help petting this little kitty but I made sure to wash my hands afterwards… to no avail, as my eyes were watering and itchy and I was sneezing for the rest of the day. But I love cats! WHY!

1/11 – Sometimes you come home and just need a little pick-me-up, mango style!

1/12 – After our weekend of work we decided to treat ourselves and eat out! We had cheesy dip, pizza, and shepherd’s pie. Definitely not healthy but it hit the spot!

Literary Quote:

“The Blue Light scorns the labor-saving arts of modern pharmacy. It macerates its opium and percolates its own laudanum and paregoric. To this day pills are made behind its tall prescription desk – pills rolled out on its own pill-tile, divided with a spatula, rolled with the finger and thumb, dusted with calcined magnesia and delivered in little round paste-board pill-boxes.”
– The Love-Philtre of Ikey Schoenstein, O. Henry

I love O. Henry’s short stories, starting from when I had to read The Gift of the Magi in grade school! It’s just amazing how he manages to fit so much character development and exposition into a really short space – plus fitting in that little twist in the end. This story is funny and also speaks to me as a pharmacist. The way he describes the old-school pharmacy is so… quaint!

Song of the Week:

G-Dragon of Big Bang fame performing a song from his solo album with Kim Yuna. While his more popular songs are more dancey and hip hop, this song is so mellow and chill – it really brings out a different side of his songwriting.


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