Christmas Day from Far Away

Merry Christmas and happy holidays all! It’s hard to believe but this is actually the first Christmas that I’ve spent apart from family… ever! Even during college I would always go home for winter breaks, and we would travel as a family during Christmastime and New Years. Ahh, the days of those 3-week winter breaks are long over, but I do remember them fondly. Christmas for me doesn’t mean so much family gatherings, lots of food and gift-giving – it was vacation time for us! But now that I look back at it, it was really a great gift that I was given to be able to travel so  much. Because of that, I have been able to visit Las Vegas, Boston, Philly, China, Greece, London, Belgium, Amsterdam, France, and Switzerland… not even counting the trips I can’t remember off the top of my head. I was surprised to learn that most people didn’t have a passport or think it was necessary – I’ve had a passport since I was 9! So I do feel really blessed for my travel experiences that my family has given me! It’s given me a great curiosity about the world and a desire to travel even more!

But I digress. My main point was… even though we didn’t stay home for the holidays, we were still together as a family and now that I live farther away I miss that! Thought I’d never say it but…


cinnamon pancakes for christmas day breakfast =D

So what do you do on Christmas if you’re far from family? You go out and watch a movie I guess! In our case, we went to go watch “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”! The other top contender was Les Miserables, but our group decided to go on the path of more action. The movie was long but it did not disappoint! I love Martin Freeman as Bilbo… he adds so much humor to the role and his facial expressions are priceless. Also Ian Mckellan is awesome, as usual! And Thorin was strangely hot… for a dwarf! I did enjoy it but I can’t believe it’ll be another year before the second part…

After the movie our plan was to head over to get some half-price sushi! Whoo! Unfortunately the sushi place was closed for another 1.5 hours – so our plans shifted and we ended up driving around town trying to find something that was open on Christmas day (gas stations! Starbucks even though they lie and say they’re closed!) to snack and rest a little while. To kill even more time, we ended up going to Green Lakes State Park, which was close by and actually  had quite a few visitors. It was a really beautiful Christmas Day…. clear and sunny with little wind, although pretty cold at 28F. The park was snowy and the lake was swarmed with geese – the air was full of their honking as they flew overhead in formation. I thought they’d be on their way south by now!

We did finally get to eat our half-price sushi and it was well worth it! 10 rolls for 4 hungry people – demolished! And then back to home to nap it off in bed. Work tomorrow, but we must bear such things, eh?


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