Hippity Hobbit-y Hooray!

Haha so cheesy I know! But I can’t believe that “The Hobbit” came out yesterday… nor that they’re going to break it up into 3 movies! What?! I don’t even think the book was that long. In fact, to refresh my memory and in honor of the movie (also, it was an insanely slow day at work today) I decided to re-read the book! And it really is a short book, because I manged to read the whole thing during my 9-hour workday (and of course I was working too…)

I have to say I enjoyed the book a lot better the second time around. I first read The Hobbit when I was 12 – maybe I was too young and immature to fully appreciate it? Or perhaps because the Lord of the Rings films made such a great impact on me, I came back to the book more appreciative and biased towards it? In any case, I can’t wait to see the movie! In all its 48 fps glory, which hopefully won’t make me nauseous…

In other news, late night Chipotle is a wonderful thing.



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