And So It Begins!

Sometimes, I just get the urge. The urge to waste time and make a new blog! And then spend an hour obsessing over pointless things like which layout to use and what background color this should be and other silly cosmetic things that don’t even contribute to the content of the blog! Although this blog is really only for  me, so I guess it’s okay to dilly dally. Maybe this blog will be for my friends as well, to see what I’m up to and how things are going. After all, in this day and age, who calls people anymore? And even though Whatsapp is great it just doesn’t encompass all those little things that happen day to day, or even sometimes the big things. So here goes…


just a little something that dong whipped up for a late night snack after work. quick and delicious!

I’m so trying to get back into the habit of taking at least one photo a day! It’s so hard because when I get home from a 12.5 hour workday you just want to stare at your computer screen and unwind a little. But damn it! I will get back into the habit of it I WILL!

Plus I did get a new (well, technically refurbished, but new for me!) camera – my much awaited 5D Mark II. Of course it’s got nothing on the new model Mark III that just came out this year (Mark II is from 08) but it’s still plenty good for an amateur photog like me.

There is much to write about, now that I think about it. We just met some realtors the other day and we will be starting the house hunting process very soon – so excited to become a first time homeowner! Of course, Dong and I know nothing about home maintenance and repairs so that will be interesting to say the least. We are definitely not looking for a fixer upper.

Another big thing is that we mastered a great dinner dish – Bok Cheet Gai (white cut chicken) and its amazingly flavorful companion, ginger-scallion oil. Perfect on rice and sometimes just licked straight from the spoon, I must admit. Actually we had a pretty amazing dinner the other night with this chicken, stir fried veggies and delicious pan-seared scallops. Mmmmm….


white cut chicken, badly cut but covered with yummy oily ginger scallion goodness. we need to learn how to butcher whole chicken!

Day off tomorrow and it feels so good! If only it wasn’t filled up with all these little errands!


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